Papiel Clips Bracelet

1 02 2010

Gold plated paper clips clipped together to form a nice bracelet for some?



1 02 2010

I would really like to turn this pattern into a resistant furniture fabric. Getting into upholstered things.


1 02 2010

Fooling around with 3M Scotchcast to learn about it properties for the larger projects coming along.

Lace and Coral: Tiesto.POTS

1 02 2010

New series of randomly, colorfully, eclectic pots. $15 for 4in. lace, $25 for the 8in. Corals.


1 02 2010

I had to do something with all the wicker I cut off the top of the kanutos… So I’m working on some lamp structure sort of thing…All I need now are some beautiful lamp fixings… Might have to design and machine some gorgeous little sockets. Its all in the details. Ceiling or floor?

Kanutos, 100% a L’Orange~

14 12 2009

Fully orange powdercoated short tailed version of the Kanutos. Acid green and Fuschia coming soon!

ALGO = This will be something in a near future.

23 11 2009

Probably some laser cut dishes of some sort. Stay posted on their progress!