Kanutos, 100% a L’Orange~

14 12 2009

Fully orange powdercoated short tailed version of the Kanutos. Acid green and Fuschia coming soon!


ALGO = This will be something in a near future.

23 11 2009

Probably some laser cut dishes of some sort. Stay posted on their progress!

More work = Need + Space = Proposal = $$$ for it.

18 11 2009

My current garage studio is getting tight… I need to E X P A  N   D . Why not do it towards nature. Out.

New Fitti Cåƒé Chair in Process…

3 11 2009

Inspired my randomness, graffiti, intersections, dynamism, and change. Welcome to my shop and how I play. I mean work.

Picture 54

Picture 55

Picture 46

Campana’s + Monserrate @ The Guggenheim

2 11 2009

Working with the Campana’s and Issac Mizrahi at the Guggenheim  for this project was a priceless experience. Here is also the original sketch I made for Humberto when he suggested we make a Favela stool for the presentation of “Peter and the Wolf.”

Picture 47

Picture 49

Photo 134

Médula Chair Series

29 10 2009

A playful experiment in the application of childish, abstract, organic forms to three dimensional functionality. Injection molded polyethylene.


The slickest way to zoom around town

28 10 2009

Noho Solar Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are ugly. The battery pack is always exposed, and they lose charge throughout the day. Why not charge it using the sun? Why not use a driveshaft to keep your jeans clean? Why not use technology in favor of the user?